Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a mandate last?

A mandate doesn’t have a predefined duration which is instead always agreed upon with the selling party on the base of their real estate project’s needs.

Can the contract be rescinded at any time?

No, and for a very simple reason. Usually, a contract can last anywhere between four and six months. If any unforeseen circumstance or problem should arise during this period, a decision can be made to temporarily suspend the mandate.

How do I know how much my real estate is worth?

Thanks to a realistic and objective appraisal, carried out by us. We can assess your real estate’s real worth through our transparent and streamlined work method.

What’s an earnest payment?

An earnest payment is a down payment that potential buyers have to make during the preliminary agreement. This sum functions as a guarantee and legally binds the interested parties to complete the sale.

What kind of expenses am I looking at if I want to sell my house?

The seller isn’t required to make any payments except for the brokering firm’s commission price and any potential adjustments required to make the real estate fit for selling.

What’s a commercial area?

The commercial area is the sum of the square footage, both interior and exterior, to which any remedial coefficients need to be applied – which may vary.

Is registering the sale agreement mandatory?

Yes, it is a legal requirement that we cannot avoid. Alternatively, if no contract is signed, one can register the commercial offer.

How long does it take to buy a house?

There is no pre-established amount of time. A sale is deemed complete the moment that the needs of the buyer and those of the seller are met.

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