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An exclusive and highly personalised service, “the personal shopper”

  • Professional appraisal as the foundation of your real estate project:
    Valuation of your estate with comparative estimates and key market data that enable effective and targeted planning of your real estate project.
  • We communicate the value of your estate:
    Through images and videos we highlight the characteristics and quality of your estate communicating to the market its real prestige.
  • A targeted and effective communication for a valuable estate:
    Our relationships with the major specialized portals, the main newspapers oriented to the world of luxury and partnerships with the most important operators in the sector, guarantee a communication and visibility able to maximize the aims of your real estate project.
  • The buyer for your estate:
    Through our network we guarantee a multitude of contacts potentially suitable for the purchase of your estate.
  • Personal Shopper:
    An exclusive and highly personalized service to find the right property for your needs, allowing you to save time, entrusting a professional identification, analysis and negotiation of all real estate proposals available on the market.
  • Financing, leasing and factoring:
    Our well-established partnerships allow us to evaluate the best financial instrument for your needs, ensuring adequate advice and a wide choice of products.
  • A team of technicians:
    Our team of professionals allows us to ensure a rapid resolution of all urban and cadastral requirements necessary to finalize the sale.
  • Assisted buying and selling:
    The presence of legal and tax consultants in our group allows us to smooth and facilitate the entire process of buying and selling, allowing our customers to deal with professionals who are able to provide suitable answers to even the most complex needs.