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A new challenge in the luxury industry

We are looking for serious, motivated professionals, who pride themselves on a decade-long experience in the real estate industry.

At Roberti Luxury Real Estate we have created an ambitious, long-term project, the aim of which is to raise the bar and keep bettering the industry standards.

Needless to say, our DNA speaks clearly for us: every project that Progedil undertook has always been brought to completion. There are no false steps in the history of our firm.

A new stimulus is often all that is needed to radically shift a career.

Working with us means becoming a part of a different world. Having the opportunity to deal with institutional interlocutors and large entrepreneurs, with the security of having the know-how of a large group like ours behind us.

Our headquarters are positioned within the heart of the ancient city of Rome. It is the perfect location to interact with our high-class clients.

Our team is made up of professionals with at least twenty years of experience in the real estate field. Two years ago, when everything began, they all embraced this challenge with great passion and enthusiasm.

We are looking for professionals suited to our needs who have developed in time a solid and efficient work method.


Would you like to be a part of this group?

Working with us, you’ll have the chance to:
  • Become a part of a solid and structured group;
  • Working on some of the most prestigious real estates in the area;
  • Receive constant support from our highly qualified back office, fluent in 5 languages;
  • Organize your workday with flexibility;
  • Benefit from car-sharing services;
  • Take advantage of the synergy between our commercial and institutional partners;
  • Hosting clients within a venue located in the historic center of Rome;
  • Access our Apple workstations.
luxury immobiliare esclusiva

    What our clients say about us

    We had an amazingly positive experience. Great interpersonal relationships, and a high level of competence and professionalism, especially concerning problem-solving in the city planning field ahead of notary meetings. Worth mentioning the considerable speed with which agreements were reached, and all this from headquarters that offer a stunning view of the ancient city of Rome.


    In 2021 I commissioned Roberti Luxury Real Estate to sell one of my properties in Rome. I didn’t get my hopes up as I had negative experiences in the past working with untrustworthy partners. Regardless, I was resolved to sell, so I decided to take one last chance with this new real estate agency. In response to my decision, they managed to complete the sale in a brief span of time with honesty and professionalism. I want to thank the whole team, especially Mrs. Barbara Passeri, who took care of advertising, curating, and only showing the property to actually interested parties. In conclusion and to my great satisfaction, the sale occurred in a matter of a few months. I am very grateful to the whole staff for their sensitivity, willingness, and professionalism.

    PENSIONERAnna Cicinelli

    Last year we got to know Roberti Luxury Real Estate through Fabrizio Franchetti, who mediated for us the purchase of an attic in the Eur area. We found in him a prepared but empathetic professional, who efficiently came up with a win-win solution between our property and the buyers. Fabrizio proved himself to be extremely willing to support us in the buying and selling process, all the while cooperating with valued professionals. We successfully completed the purchase within a single week. A great experience with an excellent partner.

    IMPREDITORDomenico Di Carluccio

    Reliable real estate agency, very qualified and professional. Great understanding with the advisor, Mr. Franchetti, who immediately made himself available to search for some real estate that best suited our needs. The whole process has been extremely satisfying! Moreover, he was very quick with closing the sale of our old building, great timing indeed! He comes with my highest recommendation.

    ENTREPRENEUREliana Nobile


    Valuable, unique homes, capable of inciting feelings in the most attentive and demanding clientele while escorting it carefully through each phase of the real estate project.

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